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Must-visit site for language learners: LiveMocha

Update: LiveMocha no longer exists, nor does the Falling in Love with San Miguel site, so I removed the links below. Oh well!

In the lengthy time since my last blog post, I’ve been steadily improving as a Spanish student, mostly through reading and watching shows on DirecTV Más.

I was reading through some posts on one of my favorite American-Expatriates-in-Mexico sites (Falling in Love with San Miguel) when I came across a brief mention of a language learning resource called LiveMocha.  Wow!  I had no idea what I was missing out on.

LiveMocha is one of the most innovative uses I have yet seen of social networking on the Internet.  It is a vibrant community of people who are learning various languages, and the community knowledge is leveraged in a fascinating way.  I am a native English speaker learning Spanish, so as I progress through the lessons, my writing and speaking exercises are graded by Spanish speakers.  In return, I assess the progress of students who are learning English.  It’s brilliant!

The lessons themselves are really excellent, and I can tell this is going to jumpstart my learning process yet again.

It seems that language learning comes in steps up to a plateau, followed by a period of time where it seems like you are making no further progress.  I’m excited to feel the beginning of a new learning acceleration, fueled by this excellent new tool.

Head over to LiveMocha and check it out.  Feel free to send me a friend request.  I am registered there as KenSmith.

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