Moxie, a word game app for iPhone

If you like word games, you’ve got to try this iPhone app.
I agree with one of the reviews I read: “Can’t. Stop. Playing.”!

Download the original Moxie from iTunes here.

Moxie is an elegantly simple game where you make words as a list of randomly shuffled letters appear.  You earn points by creating chains of words.  For example, Use becomes Ruse becomes Rule becomes Rules.

In addition, certain specific words in a chosen category earn bonus points.  These “Moxie Words” are a key to higher scores.

I decided to work out the scores for the various Moxie Words in the “Animal” category.

Here then is my sorted list of Moxie Words along with their respective scores.

Moxie Words in Animal Category sorted by score

eel      115
bee      115
ape      115
rat      121
hog      121
hen      121
ram      121
pig      121
dog      121
cow      121
cat      121
owl      121
bat      121
fox      142
jay      148
seal     224
goat     232
lion     232
hare     232
mole     232
wasp     232
swan     232
toad     232
deer     232
boar     232
bear     232
fish     232
clam     240
crow     240
bird     240
frog     240
lamb     240
dove     240
mule     248
gull     256
lark     268
hawk     268
moose    335
goose    335
horse    345
sheep    345
whale    355
mouse    355
camel    355
heron    355
louse    355
panda    355
raven    365
hound    375
snake    380
stork    390
shark    390

With these best scoring Moxie Words in hand, you can plan sequences of point-packed word chains.

Fans of Moxie should try out the new Moxie 2 with 6-letter words and lots more improvements.

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