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Get the Foreign Service Institute Spanish course FREE!


Several years back, I bought Barron’s “Mastering Spanish” volume 1, which included a book and 12 audio cassettes.  It’s a good program, and I learned a lot from it.  I now know that this product is merely a commercial repackaging of the government-funded FSI Spanish Basic Course.

Great news!  This course is now in the public domain, and some volunteers have begun the process of making the entire course available for free download.

The Spanish course is available here: (link revised in Feb 2017): http://www.fsi-language-courses.net/fsi-spanish-basic-course/

There are pros and cons, as described by another blogger here: http://www.tobefluent.com/2014/02/07/talk-like-a-diplomat-from-1961-how-i-use-fsi-spanish/
Heh, “Talk like a diplomat from 1961”. 🙂

Still, can’t beat free.



  1. Wow! Good news! If you work on it regularly, taking into account your own learning style, you can learn Spanish. The sounds are completely regular and follow the alphabet. The grammar is very similar to that of English. Start reading simple things that you are familiar with. With a great resource like the FSI it gets easier. thanks for the news!

  2. I took a course from FSI once. I was impressed with it’s method. It had several dialogues to memorize. They were helpful only for some professions.

    I think the idea was great but I’m sure they’ve come a long way since I last checked them out. I’ll have to check out the course that you have a link to.

  3. thanks for the useful read. Learning spanish is tough sometimes is should know its taken me ages now, but some good tips from you cheers.

    Ive included a link to another great read that i came across earlier http://totalanguage.com/spanish-for-beginners

    I hope i can master the language soon

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