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The Best $12 You’ll Ever Spend as a Spanish Student

Update: Apparently, the publishers decided this book was too much of a bargain at $12. When I looked at the price as I’m writing this update (2021), it’s almost double that price now! But here’s my original recommendation, and it still stands:

In my daily exercise of reading the top news story in a Spanish language newspaper, I find myself referring to two books time and time again. One is quite obvious. Every student of Spanish certainly has purchased a general purpose Spanish to English dictionary. However, I find myself referring to a second book just as often.

501 Spanish Verbs by Christopher Kendris is a must-have resource. Kendris’ book, now in the 6th edition and published in conjunction with Barron’s, is decidely utilitarian. It’s a list of 501 of the most useful Spanish verbs, organized in an easy-to-use one-per-page layout. Every verb is defined, and then conjugated in 14 different tenses. An additional 1000 verbs are supplied in an appendix, with a pointer to a verb that is similarly conjugated.

When I first read the description of this book, I didn’t understand why I would want a list of verbs when I already have a dictionary for that purpose. The key difference is the complete list of conjugations, and the easy access. Once I added this book to my study tools, I don’t know how I got along without it.

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Ken – I second the recommendation. Something about seeing each verb on its own page, completely conjugated in all its forms and tenses, really helped me as a beginner.

I’d in turn recommend a very fun but cunningly informative book: “Breaking Out of Beginner’s Spanish” by Joe Keenan. Not for the rank beginner, but once you’re at a certain level it’s a gold mine of information.


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