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Saturn and Sor

The clouds broke just long enough tonight to get the new scope out under the stars. After a few minutes of getting oriented, I pointed the telescope to Saturn and was rewarded with an amazing crisp view of Saturn and her rings. Within fifteen minutes, the clouds had returned, and my maiden journey came to a quick close. But wow, what a great first experience.

Once I came back in, I resolved to finally get a presentable recording of the Fernando Sor piece posted. So, here it is:

Fernando Sor Opus 6 Number 8 MP3

There’s still plenty to be unhappy with in this recording and I plan to continue working on the piece. In my opinion, the main thing that could use improvement is intonation and clarity of the notes in a few sections. I’m also not altogether happy with the dynamics of the piece. I’m finding it tough to get as much variation in volume as I think would be appropriate.

Advice and comments are welcome.

However, I’m sufficiently pleased with Estudio 1 that I’m willing to start work on another of Sor’s pieces now.

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Saturn’s an enthralling sight. It’s moving away from Earth and tilting its rings progressively edge-on for the next few years, so the views now are the best they’ll be for a decade or so. Keep an eye out for its moons next time; just dots, but easy to overlook in the scenery.

Jupiter is the other big catch. It’s twice the size of Saturn, and you’ll be able to make out cloud bands easily.

That’s some fine Sor there, and harder than I thought after hearing it. Tempo and rhythm are the big challenges after finding all the notes, and you hit both right on. I’ll be posting an mp3 of my applause later.

It sounds pretty good. It’s quite clear and the notes are all there. When I play this, I begin pp and build to a p by measure 2,keep steady till measure 3, build to mp in measure 4 and mf in measure 5. Then the dynamics reverse for the next 5 measures. Most of the piece is grouped in 5-measure phrases so this pattern of dynamics works if you repeat it–as long as it doesn’t sound too mechanical. Good luck with the rest; Sor is a treasure. I’d recomment Op.6 # 11.

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely need to fine-tune the dynamics on that piece, and make it sound less mechanical. I’ll get going on #11 as well.

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