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“Jewels of Mexico” is a real jewel

Among the many Spanish language shows I’ve been watching lately (see my last post), one of the best is “Las Joyas de México”, or The Jewels of Mexico.  It’s a half-hour documentary about various sites in Mexico, airing on HITN-TV at 7 PM Central on Sundays.  There are repeats at other times as well.

HITN is DirecTV channel 438, and is also available on DishNetwork on channels 843 & 9401.  According to the HITN-TV website, some cable systems in major US cities carry the network as well.

Las Joyas de México features well-produced stories about interesting sites in Mexico, and I find the Spanish to be easier than most shows.  Unfortunately, there’s no closed captioning available, but I think most students of Spanish will be able to follow enough of the dialogue to make it worth tuning in.

The series has its own website, at, although it doesn’t have much information about the actual shows.

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