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Moments of joy

Perhaps my blog post on Sor’s Study #1 was therapeutic. Whatever the cause, when I returned to my instrument the difficulties of the last few measures faded and I had a real breakthrough with the piece.

As my left hand fingers finally found their way to the notes, the experience of fresh enthusiasm is a simple feeling of joy. It is the collection of moments like that which provide the reward for my meager attempts to play.

Equally rewarding is appreciating the perfection of works by a master. I was reminded of that last night while reading from a collection of short stories by Mark Helprin. The Pacific and Other Stories is full of the same awe-inspiring prose as his novels. It is rare to find a book where I’ll sometimes back up and read the same page again, not because I lost focus but instead because I want to relive the sensation of reading it. Helprin accomplishes that time and time again. Highly recommended.

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Sleep is the great teacher, I have found: it lets the body catch up with the mind. It’s a remarkable feeling to wake up and discover that your fingers know the piece with no more help from you: “it comes of itself”.

You’ve hit on the essential tie between reading and music, I’d say. Since we constantly re-listen to good music, good writing should naturally be worth re-reading.

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