Great Smoky Mountains Trip, Labor Day Weekend 2003

Note on video clips: I had a problem playing these back initially using Windows Media Player. The length in seconds of each displayed as 3 or 4 seconds instead of the correct length. I was only able to successfully see the entire clip by repeatedly replaying the clip (about 6 or 7 times) until Windows Media Player had downloaded the entire clip. Then, close the media player, and re-click on the link. Hopefully, that will give you the entire clip. I'm guessing it's a software problem with my video capture software, but I can't seem to find any help on the Web.

An alternative would be to download the clips by right-clicking on the link, then view them locally.

Here's the original planning page:

Here's a nice loop trip I found, in an area of the National Park where I've never hiked. It's described in several places as one of the best overnight loop hikes in the park. I'm open to suggestions, so don't hesitate to recommend an alternative route.

This loop is in the southwest corner of the national park, in North Carolina.

Click here for a full trail map of the park Nice!

We would park at the Twentymile Ranger Station, and our trip would be approximately 15 miles roundtrip, with 3 nights in the backcountry.

My only complaint about this itinerary is that Sheep Pen Gap campsite has no water, except the 'oozing stream' describe in one of the guidebook passages below. Still it's described as a nice camp, and the loop works so well I think it's a reasonable trade-off.

There are hot showers available at Fontana Dam, visible on the map above. Sounds good already!